Before choosing your room

With each room category and floor of the hotel, the varied themes of interior design transport you into the lives of women famous in their time.

On the first floor, the ‘cocottes’ invite you back to the Belle Époque ! These interiors are filled with lush red and black, and stretched silks that evoke the unbridled, steamy atmosphere of 19th century courtesans.
On the second floor, the interior design evokes the fiery love between Édith Piaf and boxer Marcel Cerdan. The colourful retro feel revisits the 1950s with bold flowery prints, wooden desks, vintage radios, flea market finds and leather balls suspended like boxing gloves.
On the third floor, experience the world of famous 19th century author George Sand. You’ll find a mix of black and golden brown, vintage mirrors and earth tones that provide a masculine feel in silks and velvets.
On the fourth floor, the decoration inspired by the jazz of the late 1940s pays homage to singer Juliette Gréco. Music scores, black furniture, spherical objects, saffron and golden brown tones give the rooms the cosy feel of the jazz clubs of the era !
As for the fifth floor, it evokes the half-cast Africans known as the Signares. The strongly ethnic design brings together different beiges, orange browns, ebony and ivory with quilted fabrics in synthetic snake and crocodile. The atmosphere here is very feline and enchanting, like Africa !
And finally, on the sixth floor, author Marguerite Duras incites us to experience the Indochina that inspired her famous novel “The Lover”! The Asian interior design mixes browns and deep reds with fabrics printed with the faces of Geishas !